What is a body wrap?

A body wrap is a detox treatment that helps rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation. You are wrapped in a "cocoon" like covering that traps in heat. Some wraps require you to feel a warm temperature that does not make you sweat. Others, encourage sweating, which can rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Both provide relaxation and a comforting feeling. It also helps the product being used absorb into the skin more effectively. This type of treatment is not recommended if you are claustrophobic, since you are wrapped snuggly but not tightly for a period of time.

What do I wear during these treatments?

A disposable underwear and bra are worn during the treatment. This ensures your privacy is protected and discretion is given.


Do I need to provide anything?

A shower is needed so you can rinse off product when it comes time to do so. I bring everything needed for the treatments. I lay a painters canvas cloth on the floor just in case any product falls on the floor. I keep the area neat and have never had an issue.  I take time to explain the steps of the treatment before we begin. An intake form is to be completed by you, which lists things such as allergies or medical conditions I should be made aware of. This helps me to provide a safe and relaxing service for you.


Please do not wax or shave within 24 hours prior to treatment

Nourish & Hydrate Mud Wrap

70 minutes - $125

This nourishing body treatment begins with a sea salt body scrub which removes dead skin and opens pores. Next, a Sedona french red clay mud is applied that helps purge toxins, leaving the skin soft and re-mineralized with a noticeable glow.  Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while wrapped in this soothing cacoon of moisture. Once the product is rinsed, an aloe and vitamin e body butter is applied to provide lasting moisture and hydration. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Wrap

70 minutes - $125

This detoxifying treatment begins with a dead sea salt scrub which will remove dead skin and open pores. This allows the mud to remove toxins and absorb impurities. Once wrapped, a relaxing scalp massage is given. After the product is rinsed, a special blend of essential oils is combined with a body silk lotion, to help close pores and lock in moisture. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Green Tea and Seaweed Body Wrap

70 minutes - $135

This treatment starts with an antioxident rich green tea scrub.  Green tea has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It will gently exfoliate and leave your pores open to receive the active seaweed. Seaweed will stimulate and detoxify your skin with Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Green tea Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Mint Essential Oil and Kelp. While you are wrapped, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Once rinsed, an antioxidant rich green tea and lemongrass lotion is applied to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and renewed. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Ultra Luxe Hydrating Body Treatment

70 minutes - $135

Is your skin dry? Does it feel rough and tight because it is lacking moisture? Let this treatment bring your skin back to life. A creme based body polish works to exfoliate all that dry skin from your body to prep it for the wrap. Once the scrub is rinsed,  a deeply rich, penetrating balm is applied to your skin. You are then wrapped to maintain heat and allow the balm to penetrate, moisturize and soothe your skin. While you are wrapped, a skin sensitive, whipped, facial therapy massage creme with anti-aging and firming complex is applied and massaged into your face and neck. This creme is pH balanced and enriched with aloe vera, olive oil, elastin, and Vitamins A, C & E.



Soft to the Touch Foot Treatment $25  (Done during service)

A glycolic foot cream is massaged into your feet. Warm booties are then placed over your feet to allow the cream to penetrate.  Your feet will feel soft and touchable.


Scalp Treatment  $25    (10 minutes)

A lightweight oil derived from avocado is massaged into your scalp. Avocado contains many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid. All these nutrients are beneficial for nourishment and hair growth. It has natural humectant properties adding and locking in moisture. It acts as a natural SPF. It’s also great for deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and adding shine.


Reflexology of the Feet  $25   (20 minutes)

Reflexology is the application of pressure, stretch, and movement to the feet in order to affect corresponding parts of the body. It is based on the theory that the feet mirror images of the body. Particular reflex points can be stimulated on the feet to break up tension in other parts of the body. The primary goal of reflexology is to return the body to balance.









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