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Manual Lymph Drainage 

Manual Lymph Drainage is a light, skin-stretching technique that helps to promote movement of the lymphatic fluid. 

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs that lie beneath the skin and it’s a critical component of a healthy immune system. Your lymphatic system acts like a garbage disposal, helping your body filter out waste and bacteria.  

When there is a disruption to your lymphatic system’s process, such as the cutting of the vessels or the removal of lymph nodes during surgery, from trauma, injury, or diseases, the fluid can collect causing swelling. The medical term for swelling is edema, so the conditon is called Lymphedema.  

You remain fully clothed during this session. Light and loose clothing is preferred. 

Please contact me so we can discuss if this session is right for you  

60 mins $145

90 mins $195

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