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Salts Massage


Mango & Tangerine Sea Salt Glow

60 mins - $135

No matter what time of year it is, you can escape to a tropical oasis with this luscious treatment. The sea salt exfoliates even the driest of skin with the fruity smells of Mango and Tangerine. This tropical experience ends with a Mango and Tangerine infused body silk hydrating lotion. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and lightly fragrant. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Pomegranate & Acai Berry Sugar Scrub

60 mins - $135

A sugar scrub made with Jojoba oil and Olive oil gently scrub away unwanted dry skin to a polished smooth finish. Ending this treat is a Pomegranate hydrating lotion which provides a luxurious and moisturizing finish to this fragrant treatment. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Chocolate Lover's Temptation Sugar Scrub

60 mins - $135

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too. I say, why not? Chocolate lovers unite! Now you can bask in the heavenly smell of chocolate with this exquisite treatment! A brown sugar body polish starts by gently polishing away dry and dead skin. A whipped body butter souffle deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin and leaves it with the divine, lightly scented smell of chocolate. It's as indulgent as it sounds! A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Green Tea Body Polish

60 mins - $135

Green tea is full of antioxidants and anti-aging properties. This herbal scrub will buff away dead skin leaving it smooth and satiny soft. A green tea lotion, filled with antioxidants, will moisturize and add beneficial nutrients to the skin. A 15 minute reflexology on the feet finishes this treatment.

Coconut Water Ultra Hydrating Body Quench

60 mins - $150

A micro buff coconut water infused body polish gently buffs away dead, dry, flaky skin. It will leave your skin smooth and dewy.  After the product is rinsed, a coconut water hydrating tonic mist is applied. This will rapidly restore moisture balance in the surface layers of the skin. Followed by a coconut water replenishing body lotion to lock in the tonic mist, leaving your skin soft, smooth and with a healthy looking glow!

Argan Oil Skin Drench Treatment

60 mins - $160

It is as amazing as it sounds! Your skin will never feel more smooth, soft, hydrated, nourished and luxurious . . . and it all starts with this one of a kind treatment!
Your body is first gently buffed with an Argan Oil moisturizing body scrub. This rids the body of any dry, flaky skin to leave it soft and smooth. A warm shower rinses your skin clean. When you are back on the table, an Argan Oil Body Dry Oil is applied. This oil dries into the skin leaving it nourished and hydrated without feeling oily. A moisturizing Argan Oil Body Lotion is then applied to the body to lock in hydration and moisture, revealing a glowing new skin you have to feel to believe!

Tahitian Manoi Oil Body Treatment

60 mins - $160

This exotic treatment begins with a Monoi Oil micro buff body polish. These micro beads gently buff away dry, dead skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A warm shower rinses the product off. Once back on the table, Tahitian Monoi Oil is applied to your body followed by Tahitian Monoi Lotion to close your pores and lock in hydration. Your skin will not feel oily. It will feel moisturized, soft and supple. A truly exotic experience!

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